Tomas, pt. 11

We found it. Not exactly at the island, below, beneath, through… I wonder if the cat-men even knew what they guarded. And she found us again… or knew we would be there. Our numbers doubled and death rained down from above. So much death… and then she was gone.

Back on the ship she came to us, as a vision. Safe. Untouchable.

Assembled and in our grasp I think all could feel its power. It may be the end we are looking for, or it may just be a beginning.

And so we returned, barely settled and dragons swarmed the port. I saw its light… and saw her batted aside like a sack of grain. She didn’t move. Claws reached for the staff and I found myself between them. No other thought than that it must be stopped. And it fell… even before I retrieved the staff.

More fell, as did the people of Baywatch. I was surrounded and clutched the staff. The smoke cleared and I stood alone. She was gone.

This needs to end, one way or another. Would she ask it of me? Would I have the strength? Or should I act alone?

I see an end. I see possibilities. But there are so many questions.

I watch the skies as I travel.