Tomas, pt. 17

We are nearing the end of our time on this damnable island. I’ve been offered passage by the very ones that once sought to kill me. Will I fight for them? If they ask. I may need to, to get away. Agnomen is more dangerous than I. He’d cut down anything in cold blood if it was in his way, but he is less scheming than Aurik. Together, they may be unstoppable, but they don’t work together as they once did. I think Agnomen has begun to understand that he is expendable. We all are, in Aurik’s eyes, as long as he reaches his goal. Raynah saw this some time ago, but her reluctance to act… may have been caused by my reluctance to voice the support I had for her. I see now, how it could have been different, if we had only acted sooner. If we had never entered the cave. If we had not railed against him. He had little choice but to dispose of us.

I may ask Raynah if she can help. Offer a way to escape the long dark road ahead of me. Life as a stranger among shifters… surrounded, but always alone… How long can one bear that and remain sane?


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