Talia, p. 99

One came to me again, asking for wands.  I thought it might have been her again, but the man was insistent.  He was otherwise polite.  Soon after, a couple approached him upsetting him greatly until he fled.  They followed.  I followed as well, keeping to the shadows.  It was apparent that more was going on than on the surface.  The connection, hers and mine, and now these others, I began to see the webs again, strands reaching out.  I learned little before one turned on me, asking that I leave. I must be more cautious next time.

A few days passed and I was surprised in the market.  Jhavier spoke of the hall of shadows.  It still remained.  He had visited it that night.  But when I asked of the woman in red, he stared, confused.  No, she had not called to him.  The shadows tuned on him, he was not allowed to pass.  She must still be there.  Her silence disturbs me, as much as the appearance of the others.  I will find a way, though the path is not clear.  I will reach those I must, as indirectly as I must.  The shadows embrace the night.


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