Talia, p. 100

One was waiting for me again as I returned to the city.  Fool that I was, I confronted him alone.  He won’t bother me again, but I may have barely escaped with my life.  I’m not sure it was worth the risk, but should they find him the message will be clear:  to take me they will trade more than one life.  I only hope they reconsider rather than double their efforts.  I must remain on my guard.  To slip now could mean the end.

Last night I overheard another speak of dreams and visions.  I tried to approach him but he disappeared into the crowd.  I tried to send for him and received no response.  Perhaps she has become active again.  If that is true, why has she not reached out to me?  I am open at night, but receive only silence.  Could she be waiting for me to gather others?  Perhaps next time he will be ready to talk.


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