Bio: Isanien Ma’far Genei Be’Tenesh

Isanien Ma’fer Genei Be’tenesh

Drow, Female

Ranger (assassin)

Who she is:

Isanien is part of a sect of the Drow that believes the surface is rightfully theirs.  They see the enshrouding darkness of Leefe as a sign from Lolth, the Spider Queen, that it is time to reclaim their birthright.  The full numbers behind this movement are unknown, for they operate in the shadows.  They plot to see the surface dwellers either killed or enslaved.  Since before the darkness came, Isanien has been trained to such a purpose.  When a strange group of travelers passed through the Underdark, seeking deeper still, the Oracles of her people began to whisper.  Among the believers, the faithful were chosen.  Isanien was chosen, and when the darkness fell, she knew the time was soon.  But the spider does not strike in haste.  She spins her web, bides her time, and waits in the shadows for the moment to come.  And after years of waiting as her people continued their slow migration to the surface, Isanien stepped forward, and out into the land of night.

Isanien is an apprentice assassin, trained in subterfuge, stealth, and of course death.  She has been sent forth to complete her training on the surface.  She is to study the surface dwellers, find those most likely to be a threat to the Drow reclaiming the surface, and eliminate them.

Who she says she is:

Arriving as a Ranger of her people, Isanien seeks an understanding of the surface world. She is looking for both a knowledge of the land, its peoples, and the effect it has had on her people, the Drow.

The walk to the surface had taken far longer than Isanien had anticipated. So many of the frequented passages had collapsed over the years and not been rebuilt. She had to double back more than she would have cared to. Now, as she approached the mouth of the cave, she hesitated. Her nose stung from the strange smells of the surface. She could taste the salt in the air on her tongue. She was near the sea. The thought of a water larger than the whole of the Underdark sent shivers down her spine. How the others had managed for so long up here was a mystery to her, but one she intended to unravel. If her people could thrive among the surface dwellers then so would she. She pulled up a scarf over her nose and mouth. In time she was sure she could get used to the stench.


Isanien stands on the tall side of average, but not unusually so.  Her frame is one of athletic agility.  She is neither soft, nor is she freakishly muscled.  Her hair is the silvery white of many Drow and she keeps its shoulder length tied back and out of her way.  She carries herself with a calm demeanor of one that expects to be listened to.  Despite the fiery red of her eyes that almost glow in the reflection of available light, her gaze is a cool one, as if she is looking over the world and has found it lacking. 

Name: Isanien Ma’far Genei Be’Tenesh

Race:  Drow


Hair Color: Silvery White

Eye Color: Red

Height: 5’4

Weight: 115 lbs.

Gender: Female


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