Isanien, pt. 1

The surface is brighter than I expected, and the smells overpowering. There are not many Drow nearby. From the overheard grumbles of the local people when I pass, I’ve come to understand they settled in a small location near one of the other surface cities. It may be a while before I can visit my sisters there.

I met a male that was able to provide some information. He is weak, but useful. He has more freedom than I expected, the open air has made them lax up here, but he remembers his place. If he continues to do so, I may reward him. If he strays too far, I may eliminate him.

I did not think I would meet one of those so soon, but I should not have been surprised. They would flee to the surface the first chance that came to them. Perhaps it was foolish to have been so open with her at the start, she will be trouble. Still, I now have my enemy exposed. There is no need for ruse. She will watch her step, and her back, and that will keep her in line. There is no hope for her. Those faithless zealots rarely see the error of their ways, even when it is too late. I will deal with her when I need to, she is not the reason I came.

The beast will be trouble as well, though he sees no difference between us. He might make a useful tool, but I doubt he can be controlled. His kind lacks the intelligence to be properly broken. They will rage blindly until they are either drooling or dead. Dangerous to be sure, and not to be underestimated, but they can be guided, if one is patient.

The rest I met were human, and the elf who thinks himself human. I never thought one could be so weak as to ally himself so closely with the mortals. I suppose that is where the half-elves come from. Disgusting. Those I have not as yet seen on the surface. Perhaps they are killed at birth, or the mother is killed before, if she is human. It is the best way to eliminate them from spreading.

I had wished to pack more gold for the expedition, but their instructions were clear. It was a moment of weakness. To ask for more would have earned me less. They may even have sent another in my place. I will not fail them. I will not fail myself. Above all, I will not fail Her.


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