Isanien, pt. 2

These humans are not to be trusted. They come to us with promises of gold, send us on their errands, and refuse payments when we return. I should have killed the mage when I had the chance. It was a moment of weakness. I find I stay my hand far more frequently than I would prefer. It is this alien land. The night helps to make me feel more at home, but even under cover of clouds I cannot escape the feeling that the sky is out of my grasp. It is… uncomfortable. My Queen’s hand can reach far, but how far are the stars from the embrace of dirt and stone? I felt closer as we ventured into the cave. It was not the Underdark, but it held a familiarity. Dare I say I felt sentimental? I would laugh, but the others might think me mad. Then again, perhaps I am. The male showed his worth again, easily indentifying the ring. I am unsure why the humans would seek such a thing, it seemed trivial in and of itself. Perhaps it is a ruse. A diversion from a greater plan. We will seek their other ring, release it from the statue, but it will not be so easily discarded. Perhaps with its freedom it will be grateful? It might make a powerful ally, but then again, how powerful can it be to have been captured so. It is something I will need to think on.


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