Isanien, pt. 3

The rings do exist, at least some of them. I’ve held one. Worn one. One that seemed to fit me. That was a part of me. It left an emptiness behind, as if I can still feel its ghost on my finger. The dark one took it back. It was not a time to argue. We will talk, he and I. Perhaps a bargain can be reached. All men want something. Mortals yearn more for what they do not possess than any other. I will learn what his price is.

The male was hesitant as we crossed to the other ship. I saw him look back when she spoke, but still he moved. He is careless in battle, distracted I think. It will take time to teach him, but he remains faithful for now. I thought to reward him when we returned, but I have so little at this time. The human offered us one of the rings. I will let the male keep it. He has earned that of me. Perhaps it will also be useful in discovering the others. I suspect the human saw through the pitiful lie that was offered. I think his ‘gift’ was a warning to tell us that he knew. We should remain on our guard.

It is past time that I found our settlement. Only there will I be able to grasp the scope of our task at hand. I admit, I yearn to see familiar faces again. If only for a little while. But for now, rest.


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