Isanien, pt. 5

What a damnable fool I’ve been. She is no longer safe to travel with, if she ever truly was. There is no pretense of civility. Is it so beneath me to hold my tongue? There will be no peace between us, and another death will be a hindrance. I must seek out my sisters for guidance. The male is not lost as yet. While I doubt it would be accepted, offering her a ring at this time would be unwise…

We were separated from the others, the four of us. The stone walls were welcoming and familiar. The walking rags were not. The others felled them, my weapons mostly useless. At the end we found it… or him… that which made the staff… that which I once shared in my skull. I thought I could understand it. I thought I knew what it wanted. I thought I could use that, but it turned on us and we were forced to destroy it.

*the ink trails off and pools before the text begins again, written with a visibly shaken hand*

I have stared into the abyss again. This time with no anchor to the physical realm. I drifted for what seemed an eternity, but this time… this time I was not alone. Words cannot explain what I saw… what I felt… what I know of what was there.


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