Isanien, pt. 7

Even my prison is no longer safe. The others have tracked me here, but with so few above that was not so difficult. Still, for all their efforts they did not touch me. No. That blow came from her. She saw the opportunity and she struck. I pulled away, saving my neck, but lost my balance. If the others had not been present would she have forsaken her oath so easily? Hers is a world of convenience. She allows herself to see nothing that would upset her neatly packaged view of how things are. I wonder, is it worth the effort to protect her?

We were fortunate that the University could recover so much. Still, I do not trust that they have not hidden something from us. It cannot be coincidence that the Drow chose that moment to attack. The guard in Lazareth can no longer be trusted. One said they must find ‘it’. I almost chuckled. The staff is no more. We prevailed. Are the forces here really so… disorganized? Or was it merely a test, as along a wall, seeking out cracks and fissures upon which to focus the second wave?

We returned to the city without incident, though I kept my distance so as not to tempt fate. The dark one seems to have some sway over her, at least for the time being. Perhaps she will yet listen to reason.

…and I have received a summons…


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