Isanien, pt. 15

The fires the others feared so much have finally burned out. This strange land still holds surprises for me it seems. Portals open and close, the very land seems to pulse with magic. I find it eludes my grasp, it is not a power I can command, and yet I do sense it all around me. The humans huddle together for protection, but the island is still largely untamed. Their animals are not so unlike those found below. The longer I remain the more they grow accustomed to me… and accept my passing where others would be hunted. I truly enjoy their horses. To feel the wind through my hair as we speed across the plains, leaping streams or a fallen tree. And when we see our prey, the very air turns to thunder and they freeze before us in fear. This is more wild a hunt than I ever knew in the shadows.

The goblins spawn on this island like a pestilence. The humans rarely make an effort to keep their numbers in check. I wonder… could they truly be a danger if organized?

The Pale Drow (fin) (Isanien, pt. 14)

*Another loose parchment is tucked in between the pages, the script written in the more formal High Drow, it flows with grace, menace and nobility.*

“You have fled from the depths,
from death and destruction.
You cower in the shadows
when the land is yours to seize.”

The Drow moved forward
stepping carefully into the dawn.

“All this lies before you
and still you hesitate.
You are weak…
pathetic and unworthy.”

The Pale Drow spread her arms wide
as the sun rose behind her.
Her skin began to glow
and as the light struck the other Drow
they cried out in pain.
Their cheeks and foreheads blistered,
their arms began to smoke,
and blood seeped from their skin,
dried and flaked away.
Beneath the ashes
they had paled to an angry pink.

“You do not have the strength
to change this land
and so it has changed you.
Know that you can never return to the depths,
for you are marked as coward.
True Drow will kill you on sight.
They will come and hunt you on the surface
and they will claim what they wish…
what you could not.
Go forth and live… or die.
It no longer matters,
for you have failed.”

And so it was that the Elves
came to the surface to live
as exiled cousins of the Drow.
Their weakness was purged
from the caverns of the Underdark
and Lolth was pleased…
…for a time

*and with this, the passage ends*

Isanien, pt. 13

Is he truly dead? Somehow I doubt it was so easy. They say he fell and vanished. They could not show me a body, or even more than a small sack of coins. No, he is not dead yet, merely surprised, wounded. As with any animal that makes him all the more dangerous, not less so. He was a powerful caster, and cunning to strike when both Szordrin & Inioch were otherwise away. I must be ready. He will not be so easily stopped next time.

And what of this ‘Falcon’? His writings held little interest for me, but Inioch thinks the son may hold a key. I have heard no talk of this family since coming to the surface. Perhaps they are all long dead. The possessions were placed oddly throughout the caverns. One who knew traps well enough to place those should also have known they would do little to stop the determined. Perhaps that was all intended. Humans can be an odd sort.

Speaking of odd… I spotted a woman on our return to Lazareth. Her hair reminded me of fire and blood. She seemed… different. Wrong somehow and yet I cannot place my finger on what causes me to feel so. She was not familiar, of that I am certain, and yet I felt drawn to her. She returned to the market and I felt compelled to follow. I watched from the shadows as she gathered her belongings and spoke of a long journey. She stood, and before I could move closer she stepped… one moment she was on the ground and the next she was soaring higher that any bird I knew. I quickly lost sight of her in the darkened sky. The air swirled and crackled in her wake. The residue of power one that I could almost taste.

…who is she?

Isanien, pt. 12

It seems her word no longer binds her hands. She threatened me openly and without reservation. If she had not had more pressing issues it may have ended there. But instead, I stayed my hand. What purpose do they have with taking her? It matters little. That threat has been removed and without my request. Perhaps the Matron saw her as an obstacle as well. It was foolish to cross her so openly.

Word of our quarry sent us north, perhaps in error. And the dark one’s new companions are insolent. If they do not learn their place soon they will no longer travel among the living. Our arrival in Baywatch did not go unnoticed. It was there that we caught scent of the trail… or he of us.

The lion and the tigress may hunt the same territory, but they will not hunt together. If by chance they meet… they are as likely to attack one another as the prey they sought. And what of when they meet the great bear? Will they forget their differences? Or flee?

A whisper on the wind spoke to me…