Isanien, pt. 12

It seems her word no longer binds her hands. She threatened me openly and without reservation. If she had not had more pressing issues it may have ended there. But instead, I stayed my hand. What purpose do they have with taking her? It matters little. That threat has been removed and without my request. Perhaps the Matron saw her as an obstacle as well. It was foolish to cross her so openly.

Word of our quarry sent us north, perhaps in error. And the dark one’s new companions are insolent. If they do not learn their place soon they will no longer travel among the living. Our arrival in Baywatch did not go unnoticed. It was there that we caught scent of the trail… or he of us.

The lion and the tigress may hunt the same territory, but they will not hunt together. If by chance they meet… they are as likely to attack one another as the prey they sought. And what of when they meet the great bear? Will they forget their differences? Or flee?

A whisper on the wind spoke to me…


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