The Pale Drow (fin) (Isanien, pt. 14)

*Another loose parchment is tucked in between the pages, the script written in the more formal High Drow, it flows with grace, menace and nobility.*

“You have fled from the depths,
from death and destruction.
You cower in the shadows
when the land is yours to seize.”

The Drow moved forward
stepping carefully into the dawn.

“All this lies before you
and still you hesitate.
You are weak…
pathetic and unworthy.”

The Pale Drow spread her arms wide
as the sun rose behind her.
Her skin began to glow
and as the light struck the other Drow
they cried out in pain.
Their cheeks and foreheads blistered,
their arms began to smoke,
and blood seeped from their skin,
dried and flaked away.
Beneath the ashes
they had paled to an angry pink.

“You do not have the strength
to change this land
and so it has changed you.
Know that you can never return to the depths,
for you are marked as coward.
True Drow will kill you on sight.
They will come and hunt you on the surface
and they will claim what they wish…
what you could not.
Go forth and live… or die.
It no longer matters,
for you have failed.”

And so it was that the Elves
came to the surface to live
as exiled cousins of the Drow.
Their weakness was purged
from the caverns of the Underdark
and Lolth was pleased…
…for a time

*and with this, the passage ends*


One Response

  1. I like your insights on the drow, i have recently pupblished a series on the topic. I look foward to your comments.

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