Isanien, pt. 15

The fires the others feared so much have finally burned out. This strange land still holds surprises for me it seems. Portals open and close, the very land seems to pulse with magic. I find it eludes my grasp, it is not a power I can command, and yet I do sense it all around me. The humans huddle together for protection, but the island is still largely untamed. Their animals are not so unlike those found below. The longer I remain the more they grow accustomed to me… and accept my passing where others would be hunted. I truly enjoy their horses. To feel the wind through my hair as we speed across the plains, leaping streams or a fallen tree. And when we see our prey, the very air turns to thunder and they freeze before us in fear. This is more wild a hunt than I ever knew in the shadows.

The goblins spawn on this island like a pestilence. The humans rarely make an effort to keep their numbers in check. I wonder… could they truly be a danger if organized?


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