Isanien, pt. 19

This island truly is isolated. Surrounded on all sides by an endless expanse or water. Terrors from the depths that could overshadow anything in the underdark if they could only survive on land. And we braved that for what? The myth of a flower? The handful of coin promised? It was a foolish endeavor that cost many lives. Not lives with much value, but wasted tools none the less. I will keep my work to the land from this time forward. There is still much to do.

Isanien, pt. 18

It is becoming clear to me what the greatest threat on the surface is. It is the humans, dwarves and their numbers. They spawn like rats. And like rats, they are of little consequence when faced a few at a time. If they swarm, however, that is another story entirely. Even the greatest warrior can fall to overwhelming numbers. Those on the surface remain a threat as long as they are undivided in their own goals. Let them squabble amongst themselves. There are those that fail to see this and give them cause to unite. Their lack of insight will be their own downfall. I must move so that their failure does not bring down the rest of us as well.

There was other troubling news from below. A Dracolich on the move, deeper and deeper. Could it be tied to the rise in undead on the surface? What could it seek of such importance that it is not to be turned aside? And the strange woman… what part might she play in all of this?

Talia, p. 108

*Written in a shaky and hurried hand*

She is still here, she still waits… I know that now.  I met with Jhavier in the market.  We spoke for a while, not of old times, but of the changes that have come to pass.  My voice filled with doubt as I spoke of the silence.  She must have heard, for when I returned to the inn I was summoned to the halls.  They were quieter… darker… but the path was clear.  Then I saw her as I have so many times before but she did not speak to me.  Not with words… not in voice… but her message was clear.  She waits… not to be found, but to be freed from her prison.  And with that, I woke.

I called my watcher, but there was no reply.  I will find what answers I can.  I must visit the hall again, if only to know if it stands, but I know I will not find her there.  She waits elsewhere.

Isanien, pt. 17

The humans of Northville dared to close their doors to me. I had more pressing issues than to argue. The dark one and his pet have turned on each other. Neither is to be trusted, but both my still be of use. He claims that strange woman took the device from them. A claim hard to prove. Our passage east has been delayed. More goblins, but easily dealt with.

Talia, p. 107

During my journey back I began to hear tales.  The closer I came to the city the more troubling they became.  Even so, I was not prepared for the devastation that had been wrought.  The temple is gone… the inn is in ruins… the entire Southern district appears to have been swallowed by the Abyss.  I wonder if those halls remain, but I have not had the courage to venture below.  So many are gone, all faces seem unfamiliar to me.  I saw a tattered flyer, perhaps the Trade still remains.  Will I know anyone there?  Even tonight, I dreamt of fire… it is more than the ruins… something stirs.

Talia, p. 106

The white snow of these mountains surrounds me.  The winds threaten to reach my very core, but that is all.  My dreams hold only fire and have for several nights.  No longer do I see the frozen river; no longer do I feel its call.  I have found little these months away.  Those that dwell below the ice no longer linger in my mind.  They have left.  Left me to the solitude of winter.  The woman in red is silent, and even He does not seek me here.  If not for the flames I could say I found peace at last, but every night they burn.  Every night all that I once knew is laid before me and consumed.  Even the ashes do not survive that heat.  Only the fire remains and I wake, cold in my shelter.  One thing survives, one thought remains… It is time to return home.

Isanien, pt. 16

I had thought he would continue to be useful, but the dark one is becoming a greater threat. He cannot be controlled and his path no longer compliments my own. His defiance of my commands was a further insult. He works against everything for his own gains.

The humans fear us. Some seek to start a war and others wish to avoid it. That may be the key. If sides are drawn among the humans, civil war could tear this island apart.

I have not seen all the island… I must venture east.