Talia, p. 106

The white snow of these mountains surrounds me.  The winds threaten to reach my very core, but that is all.  My dreams hold only fire and have for several nights.  No longer do I see the frozen river; no longer do I feel its call.  I have found little these months away.  Those that dwell below the ice no longer linger in my mind.  They have left.  Left me to the solitude of winter.  The woman in red is silent, and even He does not seek me here.  If not for the flames I could say I found peace at last, but every night they burn.  Every night all that I once knew is laid before me and consumed.  Even the ashes do not survive that heat.  Only the fire remains and I wake, cold in my shelter.  One thing survives, one thought remains… It is time to return home.


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