Talia, p. 108

*Written in a shaky and hurried hand*

She is still here, she still waits… I know that now.  I met with Jhavier in the market.  We spoke for a while, not of old times, but of the changes that have come to pass.  My voice filled with doubt as I spoke of the silence.  She must have heard, for when I returned to the inn I was summoned to the halls.  They were quieter… darker… but the path was clear.  Then I saw her as I have so many times before but she did not speak to me.  Not with words… not in voice… but her message was clear.  She waits… not to be found, but to be freed from her prison.  And with that, I woke.

I called my watcher, but there was no reply.  I will find what answers I can.  I must visit the hall again, if only to know if it stands, but I know I will not find her there.  She waits elsewhere.


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