Isanien, pt. 18

It is becoming clear to me what the greatest threat on the surface is. It is the humans, dwarves and their numbers. They spawn like rats. And like rats, they are of little consequence when faced a few at a time. If they swarm, however, that is another story entirely. Even the greatest warrior can fall to overwhelming numbers. Those on the surface remain a threat as long as they are undivided in their own goals. Let them squabble amongst themselves. There are those that fail to see this and give them cause to unite. Their lack of insight will be their own downfall. I must move so that their failure does not bring down the rest of us as well.

There was other troubling news from below. A Dracolich on the move, deeper and deeper. Could it be tied to the rise in undead on the surface? What could it seek of such importance that it is not to be turned aside? And the strange woman… what part might she play in all of this?


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