Isanien, pt. 22

The time has come. We strike from the shadows. They have left a side exposed, weakened, if not completely defenseless. Cracks in the stone, showing only to those who know where to look. I know where to look. Slide a blade in just so, twist it a little, and that leverage can bring the whole crashing down. They will not even expect a strike. And their surprise will be their undoing.

More disturbing is the return of the priestess. She cannot know what is about to unfold and she will not stop me. Still, it is an extra set of eyes to be cautious of. She is meddlesome, and I worry of her influence.

Isanien, pt. 21

Inioch is a fool! He unleashed the power of the swords without thought or reason. That very power sapped my strength at such a time as I need it most. And then to defy me in my weakened state! How dare he! I have stood by in the shadows and watched for far too long. If not for their greater numbers I would have dealt with him right then. But some things… some things must wait… our rage of the moment… simmer our anger and distill our hatred down to its most potent form. That is power.

…and now he has a price on his head.

Isanien, pt. 20

War is coming. Rumors fly that our numbers are massing and that soon the Matron will sound the call. The island’s own people make assault on their king… and they consort with demons to do so. This island will bleed before all is done, but we will remain. We are stronger than they are… more cunning. Those that dare oppose us will fall to our blades. Like a spider in the shadows we will wait for the web to vibrate with our prey… and we will swarm and consume until we are sated.