Isanien, pt. 23

*written with a quick and heavy hand, the red smearing across the page, the anger of the words burning. Even one that could not read the dark script would sense the hatred reaching towards them and shudder.*


They knew we were coming! The path was open before me and once inside they closed the net. They had received word of our coming. The very troops that were sent to aid in taking the city fought against me. One that knew of our plan spoke with the humans. The army the Matron sent to me was useless! USELESS! She has let her people grow weak on the surface! They are hardly worthy of being called Drow. Once the surface is taken there must be a cleansing!

And what of Garet’s arrival? He stepped out of the inn as if on a stroll. No surprise at what he was seeing. No reluctance at what he had done. He watched me. Mocked me! He coerced me onto the water, when I should have stayed and claimed the land. He is as much to blame as any of them. He denies it, but I am sure that Inioch sent him. Szordrin was a fool to share so much with them. Or perhaps he retains a fondness for the priestess I found him with. He knew… everything. He still hides under the pale skin of an elf, and Garet says she now does the same. His favors… his powers at her disposal. They all plot against me.

It is no longer safe to travel openly on the surface. The human tribes are united, for the while. Like a three headed serpent it slithers around the island, choking whatever it finds.


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