Isanien, pt. 26

*written in a slow, careful hand. The dark parchment is stained by smudges on the edges, as if held in place by something wet.*

Banished… This land as alien to me as the island once was. The dark one follows the young upstart now. He has chosen sides, again. We’ve run the fool’s errands, gathering this and that, and all for naught. They crept into their foul king’s lair, and when confronted by a fool gnome, let him live. I watched from the shadows, waiting for something… and now I find myself trapped in the snow with the others. There must be a way back. The distant stars… those too have changed. I thought I had begun to learn them, but they’ve shifted. They follow a different dance in the sky.

I am not so far from Her that she will not hear my call. Though I am no priestess, I can make an offering from myself. The snow covered rocks stain as easily as any alter. If She has people in this land, she will lead me to them.

Isanien, pt. 25

I am cast into the sea again. Adrift. The vast nothingness around me, water only. Have I let the surface change me so much? It is weakness. I should change it, not be changed. What would my sisters say? What indeed. I have not heard from them in so long. I thought to secure my own place, I thought to work with or through the others. Instead I have seen them pulled down around me. My sisters wait, but if they wait too long there will be nothing left. I wait, but I have forgotten why.

The dark one asks of me that I join his hunt, but even he does not know what his hunt is for. He fights his king, he serves his king. He is but a mirror into my own lost purposes.

Isanien, pt. 24

Much has happened of late. We have become scattered again. Even the refuge offered in the east offers little hope. I have been careless. I have forgotten myself… and my place. It is not too late to repair what has been undone.