Isanien, pt. 27

We found our way down from the mountain. Their young ‘king’ was lost along the way, though they seem to have forgotten him already. A stranger, claiming to have left Leefe years ago also speaks of a way to return. Shadows. Though the knowledge has done him little good, for he is still here.

The village was quiet. In it we met another man claiming the name Terrabolt. He does not seem the foul wizard that others have described him as. He is powerful, that much radiates from him. He will be gone again soon, asking that others run his errands. The group seems eager to please him.

I have found my beacon. I’ve left my mark. I will not sit idly by and wait for them to come, for She does not reward those who are not willing to seize what they require.

*Drow script written in blood on the crystal in the Faerun village*
Here I stand
The Darkness Ours
Praise Lolth


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