Isanien, pt. 29

Another waste. These humans, how they revere their dead. Even when they know nothing of them. Even when they bury another by mistake… or design. I was surprised when the spectre appeared before us. More so when it was Garret it spoke to. I am reluctant to trust what he relayed to us, but I have told no one of the dreams or the letter. He could not have known of the attacks… of the death… of the blood. A chill filled me and I knew he spoke truth. The others are reluctant.

The masked one returned. ‘He’ seemed more curious as to why the Queen would hunt him. And Kael called him Naradra… an Elven name, even through Kael’s thick accent. ‘He’ didn’t carry himself as one of those tainted fey, but glamour can be used to disguise such. If there is truth in that, I must be more cautious. They spoke further of masquerades and deceit, tree people and shifters, and another powerful Lich. Power swirls around me, yet it is the blood I hear calling. Always the blood.

The one that calls herself Queen approached us soon after… claiming to have killed the Masked one. The lie smelled worse than a rotted corpse, yet the humans swallowed it down like so much honey. They truly are fools. We must venture below soon, to the Underdark… and perhaps beyond. They will go, even if they must be driven. I will speak with Inioch on the matter. He still holds some influence over them.


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