Isanien, pt. 31

Am I never to taste the sweetness of vengeance?

We arrived in the Underdark and the destruction that lay before me made the dreams seems like pale memories. Nothing stirred. Nothing lived. The twisted forms of Drow lay all around me. Even the webs were torn down, and nothing skittered in to rebuild. The area had been forsaken. Lolth no longer claimed those that had fallen. Not even as food for her children. Her back had been turned. For the first time since venturing to the surface I knew I was truly alone…

And then we heard it moving in the distance. Bone crunching on bone. The others were afraid, but my fury all but consumed me. The cursed Dracolich was still here! I would shatter the damned beast as it had shattered my people. I would be its final end! It emerged from the darkness and my howl of rage filled the caverns. I charged… raised my sword to strike and… …and the beast vanished! Garet stood in its place, confronted with the flurry of my blows. It was moments before I understood. Rather than face me it used some foul trick of magiks to escape. We surfaced, following its trail, only to find it engaged with the false queen. We descended on it, surrounding it in the square. It deflected our blows for a time, but sensing its own doom, fled again, taking to the air. Only the false queen could follow, and alone she was defeated.

An Elf arrived, too late, as if she would have lifted a hand to assist. She spoke of lies and masquerades, excuses all of it. It was while she spoke that I sensed the ‘other’… hidden deeper in shadows than I thought the living could venture. He watched and waited… and when the Elf’s false tale angered him… she bled for it. Bled and died, almost before she hit the ground. The shadows shifted and he was gone.

He may hold my only key to finding and destroying the beast. Others claim it retreated and fled the island. To follow it would mean braving the trackless waters that surround this island… even for vengeance I am unsure I could follow that path… but there is little else for me here.

The land breaks… its people broken. They lack King, Queen, and even their Knights have all been defeated. No longer will I hide my face among these simpering fools. I will not be shamed further for my strength. Any who would confront me will taste my steel. Dwarves surge forward from the northern mountains. The land churns in chaos and I would know that if Lolth turned her gaze once more to this blasted land that she would find her child standing strong at the center of the Vortex.


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