The Epic Tales of Tondra Dess

Stories. Legends. History.

It is how a people know themselves. How they remember what they’ve endured, and what they’ve overcome. For the common man, they wish to be transported away from their daily toil, away from the boredom of crops and trips to the market. They want to be comforted that there are those out there fighting against the greater darkness. They wish to feel the excitement of the hero, without the danger. For them, that is enough.

For the adventurer, they listen to the tales to be inspired, to learn from the exploits of others. To hear of the darkness they need to be prepared to fight. They hope to hear of their companions, of their own accomplishments, to gain immortality through song. They hope that they too will not be forgotten.

But even the tales that survive do not tell the entire story. There is life between the tales. There are heroes and friends of heroes. Sometimes, those that are forgotten play important roles in what actually happened.

While my tales of these troubled times will endure, it my hope that these writings will also provide some insight into the times, places, and people I visit. Be you scholar or layman, I hope you find what you seek.

~Tondra Dess


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