Tondra, p. 2

This city is much of what I expected in a human city, and nothing of what they tell you in the stories. It is dirty, filthy even. I overheard in their market that there is a serious problem with rats and other vermin. One would expect, if this was an Elvin city, that those would be kept in better check, or even nonexistent. Well, perhaps not nonexistent. Vermin do have a remarkable ability to persist after all.

I’ve already met some of the adventuring sort. Mary told me a haunted tale. It lacked… details… and flair… but those can be worked in. Its essence is what mattered. Its soul. And boy, did it have soul, in more ways than one. I think this will become a real crowd pleaser. I’ll begin writing on the morrow. She also shared a secret, one I dare not put to paper at this time. It is larger than anything I have encountered before. And she promised more tales. I look forward to that.

However, I did not set out to chronicle the exploits of only one person. After breakfast I will seek out others, but for now, food.


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