Art in Cotton

In August I completed a new type of project.  A new challenge.  Something both exciting and scary to undertake.  I’ve sewn costumes from time to time, hemmed curtains, all skills that would make a mother proud.  I had been considering a larger sewing project, most likely a quilt, but the scope of my own design was daunting.  And I wasn’t even past the concept yet.  I needed something smaller.  Something I could test the waters with to see if I was totally crazy, or if I even wanted to sew that much.

A friend of mine, London, had shared a few samples of her own artwork (sorry, no link at this time).  I found one piece both beautiful and inspiring.  The light bulb turned on.  I set about adapting the original into its key line art, went fabric shopping to match colors, and chose my size:  a Pillow.  So after a bit of planning, cutting, ironing, appliquéing, and sewing, I ended up with what you see here.  I’m fairly pleased with my first attempt.  It came out nice enough, so I shipped it off as a surprise present to the original artist.  London just received it, so I’m free to post the pictures online and not spoil the surprise.

 The process was a little more time consuming than I expected, but nearly every project I do is.  Will I do more pillows?  I may.  I have new ideas floating around.  Will I tackle that quilt?  Probably, once the design is finished, but doubtful it will be before the end of the year.  For now, I’ve moved on to another portrait.  Once that is done, I’ll share as well.


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