Blog: Clearing the Dust

It’s time to clear the dust off of my internet again. I migrated much of my online writing over to this site a few years ago and then proceeded to let it sit. It was a new home. It was a collection point. It was an archive.

It was meant to be much more than that.

There is some art here. I’ve had a few projects I’ve posted here, but nothing recent. Since my last update I’ve been dabbling. I’ve tried some sculpture. I’ve tried a little painting. I continue to write. I’ve even sewn a few more things together (We have a flag on the wall at work now in my department). However, I’ve been neglectful of this little corner of the Net.

I haven’t stopped writing. I’ve just been more sporadic. That and I’m working on a piece I will not be posting online anytime soon. It is still very much evolving. But I should be putting something up here. And so I will. Soon. (fateful words).

In other news, I discovered a new writing podcast, Writing Excuses. I had been curious about Brandon Sanderson’s non-Wheel-of-Time writing, and Amazon had recommended The Emperor’s Soul, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. This is not intended as a book review, but I did thoroughly enjoy the book. On the back they of course mentioned the podcast above, which I also checked out. I’m enjoying that as well. It is informative, entertaining, inspiring and motivating, all in 15 minutes or less. That is probably the catalyst that is responsible for the update you are reading now. It’s time I was back in motion.

Happy Day of the Dozen,


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