On the Train (travels in Sept 2012)

Met a friendly couple from England at breakfast this morning.  They’re traveling up the coast to Seattle.  They’re from south of London somewhere, maybe Crawley.  I didn’t catch the name but that is one that shows on the map, so it will suffice for now.  Traveling by train can be quite interesting.  Actually, any traveling can be interesting if you let it, but traveling by train allows one the time to sit back and take in the scenery and people around you.  Air travel is more for those in a hurry to get to their destination.  They wait in lines, complain about delays, and cram themselves into a tube to be hurdled through the sky on a wing and a prayer.  It can be efficient, but isn’t what I’d consider pleasant.  A long drive in a car offers more freedom, being the captain of your own destination, but for one who travels alone it can be exhausting.  Mile after mile can drag on no matter how good the music you select is.

No, the train, if you have the time to travel and the flexibility to follow their schedule, is a relaxing way to travel.  Maybe not for sleeping, if you’re as tall as I am, but overall relaxing.  As I was saying, there are interesting people to meet on trains.  Walking out to breakfast I spotted someone in a light grey suit and matching grey suede top hat.  Not your typical fashion these days.  Not what I would think one would want through the wee hours of the night trying to catch some shuteye.  Most of the occupants were dressed similar to me, sweats and a sweatshirt.  I changed before breakfast.  Better to feel refreshed.

We didn’t talk that much at breakfast.  Our silence was interrupted from the far end of the dining car by a man shouting “Coffee! Coffee!” at the waitress, as if the world would end without it, or at least that his morning couldn’t begin.  She reassured him he was not forgotten, but I realize that not everyone appreciates an easy laid back breakfast.  Other than that, breakfast was uneventful.

Afterwards, heading back to my seat, I passed Top Hat again.  Up and moving, probably towards food.  As we passed I glanced back, taking in the ensemble.  I was a bit surprised, really.  With the top hat, and vest (or was it a coat), I was not expecting it to be complimented with a pair of ass-less chaps.  Even still, as I type this, I find my head shaking in wonder.

Interesting stories I’m sure, and as I said, interesting people on trains.


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