Vision2020: Keeping Perspective

Vision2020: Keeping Perspective

A few days ago life gave me an opportunity to reflect on keeping things in perspective. I was off work and had just finished at an appointment when I came out to my car. Clicking the key fob to disarm the alarm, the horn let out a pathetic bleat. It didn’t sound good. “How much is a horn to repair?” I wondered. I sat down in the driver’s seat, closed the door, and turned the key. Nothing happened. In disbelief, I turned the key again. Still nothing. Always the persistent bugger, I took out the key, inserted it again and turned. The car struggled, but the engine turned over. Battery light was on, but at least it was running. From there I drove to my Honda dealer, and they ended up changing the battery out.

On the drive over, I started thinking. “Ever notice how just when you get a little ahead, something comes up?” I had just received my tax return last week and had yet to spend it. But as I came to that first light, I took a moment and turned that on its head. “Ever notice those times that something comes up, but rather than being caught in a bind you find you already have what you need to cover it?” So often it is a choice in perspective that put events into a negative or positive light. So, I continued the exercise: My battery nearly died & left me stranded, or at least calling a tow truck… -=- No, I was able to start the car and drive it to the shop, AND if it had happened either 12 hours earlier or later, I would have just been leaving for work and would have been several hours late to work! So, in many ways, this was the most convenient time for the car to act up. All in all, about an hour of my time and little over $100 and all is right again.

In the moment, it is often difficult to see events from the more positive perspectives. Going negative is much easier to do, but not nearly as valuable. So, there’s the goal: Whatever life throws my way, try to see the positive side of it, no matter what the negative is.



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