On scars

Scars. We all have them; at least I think we all do. They can be cool, interesting. They can also be horrifying. The scars do not necessarily define us, but they can help explain us. They are like a roadmap, an index of our experiences, good and bad. They are remembrances of times when we were brave or foolish, daring or careless. Of things we have done, or had done to us. Sometimes we learn from them. Sometimes we use them to teach others. And sometimes we do neither. Some wear their scars as a badge of honor, of what they have endured or accomplished. Some hide their scars in shame, finding the memory of their pain as sharp as the moment it occurred. And sometimes, sometimes the scars fade as does the memory, but somewhere deep inside us they are still there. For better or worse, they remain a part of us. 


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