2014_02_04 – back from break and a little bit crazy

Took a break for a bit (or let life get in the way). Tonight’s sketch reference was gleaned from Wil Wheaton’s twitter feed. As these practice sessions progress, I find I get the most enjoyment out of strange and wild expressions. Wil provided a perfect opportunity to stretch those creative muscles. I’ll post the original if he gives me the ‘Ok’ .


2014_01_25 – cheating the clock, a little

A few times when doing these 30 min exercises, I’ve cheated the clock a little.  Either I wasn’t paying close attention to the time, or felt that just a few extra minutes were in order to finish a section (usually the hair). Today, however, I found myself feeling like this sketch was complete, and when I looked at the time had another 10 minutes remaining.  It’s in no way photo realism, but it captures the expression I was going for. So, i suppose that shows an increase in confidence.  Sketch workouts are actually helping.

2014_01_18. – back in the saddle again

Took a few days off to catch up on sleep and be lazy.  Tonight’s drawing was actually split into two 15 min sessions (or so). Started at lunch, finished 7 hours later. Exploring some of the other pencils available.  For those wondering, I’m currently using Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro on Wacom’s Cintiq Android tablet.  At some point I might connect back up to my desktop, but drawing at the dining table has been very relaxing.

2014_01_15 – The nose knows

Tonight I was drawn in to the very expressive eyes of the photo reference, and yet found that I spent most of my time working on the nose.  Before I knew it, my 30 minutes had gone by and the rest of the face was untouched, leaving tonight’s sketch very incomplete.  Such are the perils of this exercise.  Still, I think I’m getting better at noses.

2014_01_14 – To con, or not to con…

I have this tendency when I draw to stretch things out, making faces (and bodies) much taller and thinner than reality.  Halfway through tonight’s sketch I was torn between continuing it as a blue sketch, or switching to an inked illustration style.  In the end, the time limit won out.  He’s sorta recognizable, and this time I’ve given a clue… wait, that’s a second one!  As a thumbnail, it looks almost like Nicholas Cage with a bad hair piece, but its not. =P

2014_01_13 – challenges of fish eye

I started in on tonight’s drawing and noticed that the photographer used nearly a fish-eye lens creating a sharper than normal perspective shift on the 3/4 view portrait.  It was good practice to keep repeating to myself, “draw what you see, not what you ‘know’ is there”. That is one of my biggest hurdles I’ve had when it comes to perspective and foreshortening.  I think tonight’s piece came out okay, though not as recognizable as I would have liked.  I didn’t have time to finish the hair, so it looks much shorter that it should be. At least she looks like a normal human.

2014_01_12 – possibly recognizable, but not flattering.

Today’s 30 minute sketch ended up possibly recognizable, but I wouldn’t consider it a flattering likeness.  Thought I’d work on a longer sketch this weekend, but my time got eaten up by tasks around the house.