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Much of the writing you’ll find here has been a collection of online character journals.  Most have been previously published at other forums and have been collected here for easy reference and reading.

Because these are the Journals as written by the Characters, they are often disjointed and lack a certain narrative clarity that one might have been expecting.  There will at times be blocks of narrative, in either the form of a character’s dream or as descriptive of a character’s actions.  As a convention, those full posts will be in italics, as an indicator that these are not the words written be the character themselves.

City of Arabel

CoA is one of the longest running NWN persistent worlds, long before WoW came onto the scene.  It is also home to a community of creative and talented players.  Storylines on CoA will often stretch over months and even years before they are fully resolved.

Talia Swift – ([Oct ’04?] Dec 15, 2004 – Aug 7, 2009)

Talia was my second character for CoA, the first being short lived and better forgotten.  Originating in late 2004, she had already become established before her journals began.  She continued for nearly 5 years, with occasional breaks, until her story on CoA had come to an end(?).  Surprising to me, she grew beyond a simple game character, and in Nov’ 2006, I began delving into her history, childhood, and the stories contained therein.

Tondra Dess – (Jan 2010)

Tondra was a short lived attempt to return to CoA.  As a bard, it was an excuse to focus more on my writing from a new perspective.  The character never jelled and has since been shelved.  Perhaps she will be revisited someday.

Legends of Leefe (forums now offline)

Leefe was created by Tallima.  I was recruited to join from our connection on CoA.  It was an opportunity to explore a new world with new characters and a tighter, more involved storyline.  The world is Tallima’s, but the characters are ours.  The overarching Story of Leefe and Leefe’s History are now offline.

Naradra – chap. 1(Aug 16, 2007 – Oct 4, 2007)

Warrior, stranger, conflicted.  Nara was never sure of her true purpose.  Much of her development happened in game and did not get included in her journal.

Tomas – chap. 2 (Aug 23, 2007 – Aug 22, 2008)

Tomas is my only cross-over character.  He is referred to twice in Talia’s past from before CoA.  After those events, he arrived on the island of Leefe.  It could be considered a ‘What-if’ storyline.

Nischa – chap. 3 (Sept 8, 2008 – Oct 12, 2008)

Nischa never journaled.  Included here is her background leading up to Chapter 3 of Leefe.  I expect to someday expand on her story and the world I was creating.

Isanien – chap. 4 (Jan 25, 2009 – Jan 10, 2010)

Isanien was my first foray into a character with darker motivations.  This presented its own challenges.  Hers is also a story I hope to revisit in some capacity in the future, though perhaps reinvented for another world.

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