2014_02_04 – back from break and a little bit crazy

Took a break for a bit (or let life get in the way). Tonight’s sketch reference was gleaned from Wil Wheaton’s twitter feed. As these practice sessions progress, I find I get the most enjoyment out of strange and wild expressions. Wil provided a perfect opportunity to stretch those creative muscles. I’ll post the original if he gives me the ‘Ok’ .


2014_01_18. – back in the saddle again

Took a few days off to catch up on sleep and be lazy.  Tonight’s drawing was actually split into two 15 min sessions (or so). Started at lunch, finished 7 hours later. Exploring some of the other pencils available.  For those wondering, I’m currently using Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro on Wacom’s Cintiq Android tablet.  At some point I might connect back up to my desktop, but drawing at the dining table has been very relaxing.

2014_01_14 – To con, or not to con…

I have this tendency when I draw to stretch things out, making faces (and bodies) much taller and thinner than reality.  Halfway through tonight’s sketch I was torn between continuing it as a blue sketch, or switching to an inked illustration style.  In the end, the time limit won out.  He’s sorta recognizable, and this time I’ve given a clue… wait, that’s a second one!  As a thumbnail, it looks almost like Nicholas Cage with a bad hair piece, but its not. =P